AKIMBO 2016 Artists

and mrsuaidi  at Joe Squared
Come spend an intimate afternoon with Baggypantsrich and mrsuaidi as they take you on a journey to explore physical and imagined spaces through music and movement. Using passages from James Baldwin’s 1956 novel Giovanni’s Room as a starting point, the performance will feature atmospheric mise-en-scene and a combination of live and recorded soundscape to capture emotional experiences of places, sites and spaces.
Baltimore Dance Project at Area 405
Baltimore Dance Project performs an enticing mix of dynamic choreography tailor-made for the historic AREA 405 art gallery. Dancers take the audience on a journey through the gallery’s spaces, both large and small, dancing amidst art and audience. 
Blue Shift at MICA - Fred Lazarus IV Center
Through curious play, two deities create and destroy entire worlds… just to see what happens. 
The Collective at The Windup Space
The Collective in collaboration with installation/performance artist, April Danielle Lewis, will activate The Wind-up Space as a performance venue (as intended) and as an examination of the social and societal barriers that come with the “turning of the tides” in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District. 
darlingdance at the corner of Charles/Lafayette
BABE (EXPANSION PACK) is a bus stop romp fueled by DC's favorite dancing ladies on a mission. Sarcastic, self-effacing, witty and gritty, it's the most fun you'll have waiting for a bus all year!
Deep Vision Dance Company at The Chesapeake Building
Live music, celebrities, steak and coconut snowballs: a flashback to the heyday of the Chesapeake Restaurant.
FlamencoSole Experimental at the Cork Factory (outside)
Rhythms and percussive beats fill the air where once the sounds of the Cork factory
workings echoed through the streets.  Experience movement and reverberating sound in this energetic performance.
Full Circle Dance Company at The Crown
A fascinating introduction to the women who have challenged restrictions and stereotypes across place and time.
Maggie Jones & Tiffany Spearman at City Arts Gallery (outside)
Maggie and Tiffany will perform choreographed and improvised work that comes from our cellular bodies. 
Moveious Contemporary Ballet at City Arts Gallery (inside)
Space for Silence (by Diana Movius), is an abstract yet physical contemporary ballet that loosely illustrates dancers searching for connection in an increasingly busy, technology-focused world.  MOVEIUS Contemporary Ballet is excited for its first time performing at Akimbo. 
Noelle Tolbert and Alex D’Agostino at BAMF Cafe
Throughout the past several years of Akimbo we discovered an approach to interacting with people that was clever, provocative, and empowering. We want people attending the festival to interact with us, so they can insert themselves into our dances. Over cups of coffee we will invite people to share stories, ideas, and explore the movements we discover through our site specific research. 
Peter Redgrave & Khristian Weeks on Oliver Street
Peter Redgrave and Khristian Weeks will be creating temporary architectural structures, bringing them to life, and inviting the audience to occupy them. Join us as we enact a fleeting vision of an enchanted city where our separation connects us.
Prakriti Dance at Montessori School
Elephants gathering at the watering hole; birds flocking across the sky; dancing peacocks in the rain, all brought to life by Prakriti Dance.
Public Operations / Noa Heyne at Station North Tool Library
Be a performer, a puppeteer and a designer of the space around you. Public Operations invites visitors to imagine possibilities of movement and change through their interaction with a marionette-like, site specific sculpture​
ReVision Dance Company at Petnhourse Gallery (Copycat building, 5th floor)
ReVision dance company’s new work “Propelling Voice” debuted at Dance Place in February 2016. The work explores the value of the arts through the perspective of youth and specifically focuses on community.
Sarah Smith at Moter House / Graffiti Alley
Shades Within is a multi-dimensional movement collage that transforms in real-time through the combined media of fabrics, lights, bodies, and sounds. 
Vaught Contemporary Ballet at Montessori School (stairs)
“Emotional Contagion” is a street dance that explores pedestrian movement against the structure of a staircase and filters it through a choreographic lens
Zoe Cleous & Artists at Station North Arts Café Gallery
Zoe Cleous & Artists will demonstrate how architecture and furniture dictate relationships between individuals. When the setting changes, so will the interactions.
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