AKIMBO relies on the support of volunteers for its success. The generous donation of time by over 50+ volunteers gives AKIMBO the support needed to present original dance and movement art to Baltimore audiences.

AKIMBO staff are currently seeking "yellow shirt" volunteers for 2016 events.

SIGNUP TODAY or email AkimboBaltimore@gmail.com for more details.


We have a fun idea this year about how we might engage audiences in a scavenger hunt for dance or Dance Hunt. We invite your group to form a volunteer Dance Hunt Team that will build this giant game with us! The Dance hunt will be mapped out logistically ahead of time but we are open to your creative ideas.

This festival spreads from MICA to Gallery CA! Various cafes, outdoor spaces, galleries and alcoves will be alive with dance made specifically for the chosen locations (site specific). We are hoping your group might pair directly with the  dance artists selected to engage in an  activity that would guide audiences to the dance sites....making a Dance Hunt. 

You can choose to be on a Dance Hunt Team, Volunteer Individual, Volunteer Pair or even a Dance Hunt Team Leader. You can select a role in your RSVP, they are defined at the bottom of the page. There are so many ways to help. You don't have to be a dancer to be a part of the festival! The primary goal of the hunt and your participation is to encourage audiences to find the dance sites throughout the day. The volunteers will be split up into time slots A (1-3pm) and B (3-6pm) so you may still have time to see some dance. We will have a  VIP set up for Volunteers this year.

If you have questions about how you or your group would like to participate feel free contact me directly at DanceHuntAkimbo@gmail.com 

Above Photo by Neal Golden

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